Delta Hotels By Marriott Vancouver Delta

In the busy journey of life, all paths eventually lead HOME. A place to feel restored and a space where our breath and heartbeat serve as a reminder of nature’s pulsing rhythm that flows within and around us. PR Hotels, in collaboration with Meridian Developments, engaged the services of mackaywong to undertake a comprehensive interior fit-out for the Public Spaces and Guestrooms within their illustrious new 124-room hotel seamlessly integrated with the Cascades Delta Casino. Drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty found in the fluid convergence of river and ocean, the graceful migration of avian creatures, the serene spectacle of sunset casting its golden glow over majestic peaks, and the ethereal hues of early seaside mornings, the design team embarked on a journey to encapsulate these natural wonders into the very fabric of the hotel’s interior ambiance.

Delving deep into the essence of nature’s harmonious palette, the design ethos embraced lightly textured patterns, soothing neutral tones, and elemental materials, orchestrating a symphony of tactile and visual delights that effortlessly merge the comforts of home with the sublime magnificence of the natural world. Each detail meticulously curated to evoke a profound sense of comfort, renewal, and connection to the surrounding environment.

The overarching design philosophy was grounded in the notion of creating inviting spaces where travelers could seek refuge, recharge their spirits, and prepare themselves for the boundless opportunities and joys that await them on life’s journey. Every corner of the hotel exudes an aura of tranquility and rejuvenation, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a sanctuary of serenity and embark on their next adventure fully refreshed and revitalized.

Services Provided

  • Design Development
  • Design Direction
  • Planning Strategy
  • Concept Direction
  • Construction Administration
  • Positioning Strategies
  • Concept Development
  • Contract Documents
  • Constuction Administration
  • Fixture / Furniture Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Exterior Signage