It is only work if you don’t love what you do. Fortunately we do and that makes for great corporate culture. We think of ourselves as kin and we openly share ideas, socialize and dream, always leaving our ego at the door. mackaywong’s culture has been co-created by everyone who calls this place home. That makes for lots of smiles and a delightful team to work within.

We champion the spirit of Dreaming Big, Digging Deep, Collaboration, Moving All In, Play, Celebrating Success, and Doing Good.

Dreaming Big

We believe in the power of dreaming. If our clients want to dream bigger, then we are happy to help them do that and shape it in the form of a great story. We are storytelling experts and our job is to bring big dreams to life.

Digging Deep

We dig deep for what will make our clients’ brands authentic and express their core truths. Once we’ve found it, we amplify it and express it in everything we create for your project. It’s your voice that makes you different, it’s your difference that makes you desirable. Cover bands don’t change the world. 


We believe in working closely with our clients because we are stronger together. We have created a flat and open organization that is designed for optimum ideation, collaboration, discussion and debate. We believe in kinship, respect and mutual admiration. 

Moving All In

We do whatever it takes to ensure our client’s success. It’s about them, not us. Which is why it takes a special kind of person to work here, one who has creative passion, empathy, confidence and a strong work ethic – a person willing to go “All In” to get the job done right.


We believe that creativity is everywhere: everyone has it, everyone can apply it and everyone should apply it. So whether it’s our interiors team, graphic designers or the strategists, we encourage everyone here to take a game-oriented approach to creativity. A spirit of play drives the heartbeat of our agency. It’s in the bones of our business and it’s imbedded in how we work.

Celebrating Success

After two decades of hard work and commitment to creating memorable guest experiences, we have come to understand something very important. A creative life is essentially a journey on a path of continuous improvement. It is filled with moments that deserve to be exceptionally well celebrated. We firmly believe in mixing business with our countless pleasures. 

Doing Good

For two decades, Toronto has richly blessed us with enduring relationships and creative opportunities that continue to inspire us every single day. We owe a debt of gratitude to both the city and its hospitality community. Over the past two decades we have committed our time, talents and resources to Camp Oochigeas; A Camp for Children affected by Cancer, Second Harvest Toronto, Habitat for Humanity and NEWH. It’s an honour to serve in any way we can.