Whatever it Takes


Create Winning Ideas

We have always believed design is a powerful business tool that brings strategy to life. So, before we dive into the creative process of searching for exciting ideas, we gather everyone together and define the right ideas. This collaborative process is designed to uncover invaluable guest insights, marketplace intelligence and transform the results into actionable strategies. We help you identify opportunities, develop and define overall business vision of a project and shape designs that connect guest experiences to your hospitality brands.

By combining insights with inspiration, process with collaboration and empathy with economics we build a solid foundation for your future success.


Create Memorable Experiences

At mackaywong, we use environmental design to deliver strategically positioned hospitality experiences that immerse guests in your brand. Great restaurant, hotel and casino interiors have the power to inspire strong emotions, which in turn can make them highly effective business tools. Our skilled team of graduate architects and interior designers understand how to amplify and celebrate what makes your business different, competitive and memorable.

For us, visual storytelling is paramount – through the use of unique form, materiality, light, colour and structures, we work to express your brand character in a way that elevates the senses and resonates across multiple business channels. Our integrated approach to hospitality design encompasses every aspect of the interior environment. We specialize in shaping the guest experience, acting as the gatekeepers of your design aesthetics (i.e. textures, colours, patterns, etc.) as well as the maintenance, costs, sustainability, technical and commercial specifications of the project.


Create Powerful Messages

When you only have a split second to convey a real message, subtle though it may be, you’ve got to make it count. In the world of hospitality, graphic design is omnipresent: it is the menu we read, the logo we love, the sign that draws us in and the website we make our reservation on. The Branding team at mackaywong finds beauty within limitations, working towards the ultimate goal of visually communicating a proprietary message and brand style.

No other service we offer is more responsible for guest’s emotional relationship with a hospitality company’s identity. Utilizing a language of typography, colour, pattern and imagery our graphic design solutions influence brand recognition, preference and ultimately guest loyalty.