Best Interior Designers * Mackay|Wong Strategic Design

Mackay|Wong Strategic Design is an international design and concept firm that produces award-winning projects for successful hospitality, entertainment and retail brands. From its creative base in Toronto, the company delivers highly effective and intelligent design solutions that are sophisticated and engaging.

The studio is a multi-disciplined creative resource that employs an integrated design approach. As a result, they have successfully bridged creative disciplines in-house and can offer Clients complete interior and exterior design services, fresh identity design, environmental graphics, strategic brand consulting and effective project management.



The multi-disciplinary studio is run in a manner that challenges designers to achieve extraordinary design that satisfies clients and connects them with customers in compelling and rewarding ways. The designers believe that teams from various disciplines working in the same environment promote a culture of interchange that adds tremendous value to our creative thinking. This approach draws from a combination of mediums to forge intelligent, engaging and meaningful connections to a brand’s unique identity. The team believes that the power of an idea is what makes design distinctive; identity, function, aesthetics and value are what make design work. At Mackay|Wong Strategic Design, the medium is always in service of the idea.



The designers believe in the importance of shared human experience and the power of public spaces. Each project strives to become an emotional and social antidote for the ‘virtual’ and ‘time-pressed’ lives we lead. Visually vibrant, their work celebrates the complexity and richness of the world around us and, as such, does not subscribe to a signature style.



They are interested in the design of hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, spas, stadiums, theatres and clubs because, at their best, they present the world in microcosm. By their nature, these facilities are an extension of the public realm and serve as a vital backdrop to where we live our lives as a community. Here is where we celebrate, dine, restore, play, shop and cheer together.


Mackay|Wong Strategic Design i s one of Canada’s best interior designers studio and a company that is passionate in its pursuit to create the memorable places that reconnect us collectively and restore us personally.